Sometimes productivity is your worst enemy. As an interactive designer that works for a small studio, and primarily goes out and finds his own work,  staying active and engaged with my own projects can sometimes be daunting.  It's not that there isn't time in the day, I think that for me, since I am constantly looking at new things and new projects, I get caught up in what I'm doing at the time.

And then I forget this blog....

Ok, So How Do I Get It Together?

I am excited to begin a new "project", not a design or development task, but a challenge to myself to provide good relevant content.  So, that being said, finally may become what I truly meant for It to become several years ago when I created it. 


Here is a list of things I'm working on for the site:

  • New Tutorials

  • New Freebies

  • More Photos, and possibly tutorial videos?

  • Animated Gifs - no seriously

  • Updates to some of the other sites I maintain (this deserves it's own section)

Finally may become what I truly meant for It to become several years ago when I created it...

Well, as I stated earlier, I am not only going to apply my new found productivity to this site, but also to some of the other sights I run. That will include updating food for drews-foods, keeping my Tumblr blog up-to-date, and making new animations for, and updating news/press for my new company Burton History Trees. 

Suprisingly, my Tumblr blog, has been the easiest site to manage, mostly because I do all of that from my phone.  I'm beginning to really like what Tumblr offers as a social-media platform.  It integrates with my facebook and even twitter. 

I don't really use twitter, but I have a slew of Tumblr links that get posted automatically so I at least have a presence.  As far as facebook, I could see myself simply never using the thing for postings again.  I think It's so much better to use tumblr. You can post the same sort of content, have It appear on your feed, but let the content live in a layout that I can specify.

Next I will spend more time up-dating, I already have some good article content from the past several months.  I've been to places like San Francisco, Colorado, Baltimore, Florida, and Toronto in the past months, so I just need to start uploading some of the great food dishes I have in my archive. has been up for a while now, and It already has some cool animations from all over the United States, one thing that I'm going to add to it is animated gifs, so you can save the sequences for yourself, I'll probably offer them in small medium and large formats.

Burton History Trees needs a great intro video.  I have an interview with my partner and exec-producer Bruce Burton up already, but I'm going to take the time to animate a sequence that better shows our process.

I have already spoken about trying to keep druzi-design more current, and with this, my 1st of 100 posts (in 100 days), I aim to do so.

Lastly, I have one more site that I'm working on, It's a music site that's going to supply reviews, track-listings and possibly downloadable links for the new albums I discover, still very much in progress, but functioning, and soon available!

Whew, that's four small paragraphs but plenty of work!



So finally I will layout my plan to get myself to be more productive:

1. Write .... every day, even if it's very breif

2. Read... read more articles pertaining to what I'm doin, not just reddit front page

3. Set Goals

4. Use a to-do list

5. Disconnect myself from surroundings for greater concentration


Thank's for your time!