Current Works

10 Sep
Socore Energy
drew 06:51:47 PM

This is a CMS that was for a Solar Energy company. I worked on the front-end of the site and helped develop layout...

18 Nov
drew 10:33:10 AM

This site is the non-profit I am a director of.  It has a whole lot of awesome things happening, and It is a...

10 Sep
Blue Moon Revue
drew 10:32:19 AM

This is a CMS that I built for the band Blue Moon Revue. It makes it possible for them to post shows and pictures...

14 Feb
drew 12:52:23 PM

This is the new site for Coast, A new bluegrass band in Chicago.  I made the site to help promote their shows,...

14 Jun
REM Photography - Site Redux
drew 10:02:39 AM

This is the reworked version of an original site. The main challenges were to get a way to organize the information...

14 Jun
Burton History Trees
drew 10:14:13 AM

This is The e-commerce platform I built for my company Burton History Trees.  I used Drupal Ubercart to get It...

21 Aug
Jolie Wernette-Horn Portfolio
drew 06:54:05 PM

This is a portfolio I made for Jolie. It uses Drupal to let her customize her slideshows and organize her content....

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iPhone Pedal Power + Bike Mount

This is the new combo that will soon be sweeping the globe! - or at least the parts that have fixed gear bikes!

Seriously though, this is a very eco-friendly pairing, the only problem is that you may kill your self.

Use your Iphone as a Itunes Remote

Step One:
Install “Remote” from the appstore. It is a free application.

Step Two:
Load Itunes on your PC. Any version should work, but to be sure, you should install the newest Itunes update.

Druzi's first day of blogging and "We don't need no stink'n rollovers"

With this post I begin my journey into the realms of self-published on-line communication, I am writing this from my friends couch in Ukranian village in Chicago. It's a nice day and I got a red-eye across the street - 12 oz.


I have a lot of trees left.... Burton History Trees!
This is the second part of my typography series.  I have decided to...
Well for starters, typography is not easy.Simply put, these days, It can make...
 As an interactive designer that works for a small studio, and primarily...

Graphic Design