Current Works

10 Sep
Socore Energy
drew 06:51:47 PM

This is a CMS that was for a Solar Energy company. I worked on the front-end of the site and helped develop layout...

18 Nov
drew 10:33:10 AM

This site is the non-profit I am a director of.  It has a whole lot of awesome things happening, and It is a...

10 Sep
Blue Moon Revue
drew 10:32:19 AM

This is a CMS that I built for the band Blue Moon Revue. It makes it possible for them to post shows and pictures...

14 Feb
drew 12:52:23 PM

This is the new site for Coast, A new bluegrass band in Chicago.  I made the site to help promote their shows,...

14 Jun
REM Photography - Site Redux
drew 10:02:39 AM

This is the reworked version of an original site. The main challenges were to get a way to organize the information...

14 Jun
Burton History Trees
drew 10:14:13 AM

This is The e-commerce platform I built for my company Burton History Trees.  I used Drupal Ubercart to get It...

21 Aug
Jolie Wernette-Horn Portfolio
drew 06:54:05 PM

This is a portfolio I made for Jolie. It uses Drupal to let her customize her slideshows and organize her content....

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Drupal Views - Headlines - Scroller

The way this works is, ...

var headline_count;
var headline_interval;
var old_headline = 0;
var current_headline = 0;


//headline_count = $("div.views-row").size();
headline_count = 6;
$("#block-views-show_slider-block_1 .views-row:eq("+current_headline+")").css('left','0px');

headline_interval = setInterval(headline_rotate,15000); //time in milliseconds
$('#block-views-show_slider-block_1 .view-content').hover(function() {

}, function() {
headline_interval = setInterval(headline_rotate,15000); //time in milliseconds


function headline_rotate() {
current_headline = (old_headline + 1) % headline_count;
$("#block-views-show_slider-block_1 .views-row:eq(" + old_headline + ")").animate({left: -342},"slow", function() {

$("#block-views-show_slider-block_1 .views-row:eq(" + current_headline + ")").show().animate({left: 0},"slow");
old_headline = current_headline;



You set up a view in drupal and then hide everything except the first value, and use jQuery to scroll them through like slides.

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