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10 Sep
Socore Energy
drew 06:51:47 PM

This is a CMS that was for a Solar Energy company. I worked on the front-end of the site and helped develop layout...

18 Nov
drew 10:33:10 AM

This site is the non-profit I am a director of.  It has a whole lot of awesome things happening, and It is a...

10 Sep
Blue Moon Revue
drew 10:32:19 AM

This is a CMS that I built for the band Blue Moon Revue. It makes it possible for them to post shows and pictures...

14 Feb
drew 12:52:23 PM

This is the new site for Coast, A new bluegrass band in Chicago.  I made the site to help promote their shows,...

14 Jun
REM Photography - Site Redux
drew 10:02:39 AM

This is the reworked version of an original site. The main challenges were to get a way to organize the information...

14 Jun
Burton History Trees
drew 10:14:13 AM

This is The e-commerce platform I built for my company Burton History Trees.  I used Drupal Ubercart to get It...

21 Aug
Jolie Wernette-Horn Portfolio
drew 06:54:05 PM

This is a portfolio I made for Jolie. It uses Drupal to let her customize her slideshows and organize her content....

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All the Pirates Gold - Bt Treasure

I've read that the Pirate bay is actually seeding a torrent called - you guessed it - The Pirate Bay.

Now If we stop to think about the implications we can see some interesting phenomenon occurring. It's sort of a last-ditched effort for the creators and admins of the sight - Swede's - to prolong if not protect their legacy.

In terms of what we've seen with regards to social media, this would be like the creators of Nabster providing a new platform for free download - except that the differences between using an application and a client are striking. In this brave now world of pay to play augmentation of service and user experience, will the trend be to find economic benefit from open source technology - specialize - sell your innovations, or community - then preserve some sort of your legacy by off-shooting, or attempting to migrate your community of followers to hipper neighborhood, or at least an underdeveloped one where no one's there to complain about your partying all night.....

Could it be, I mean is it still going to be possible, more accurately sensible to fight for on-line freedom of information and privacy even when you are over looking the huddled masses from the balcony of your mansion in the hills - Sweden has plenty - but more importantly are the masses going to believe in you?

Or maybe it's just a wide open border with far to vast a circumference for reasonable patrol or regulation. Those on both sides undauntedly do their part - seemingly all it takes is the ability to navigate just enough to reach any forbidden destination. A precious few are captured but nothing changes, and the cycle just becomes harder to catch, and more importantly those attempting to regulate are brow-beaten to the point where they think that legitimizing a site like The Pirate Bay and regulating its' traffic will actually make a difference.

If you ask me the pirates have all jumped ship and most have donned disguises, but these guys all have a map to a new secret cave "site" where they can divvy up treasure and retain there old pirate ways - just like Keith Richards old ass in the movie!


I have a lot of trees left.... Burton History Trees!
This is the second part of my typography series.  I have decided to...
Well for starters, typography is not easy.Simply put, these days, It can make...
 As an interactive designer that works for a small studio, and primarily...

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